What's Cooking?!

“I’m a Competitive Home Cook. I started my competitive cooking hobby when my first son was just a few months old. I have always loved cooking for myself and others, and as a new stay-at-home mom, I found myself totally wrapped up in baby world. I discovered online recipe contests one day, and it became a fun creative outlet, plus a great way to challenge myself. It’s been an amazing culinary ride since!"

Triple the Blessings, Triple the Love

"We had only a split second to revel in the magnitude of a triplet conception, before we were told about the risks. It was even strongly recommended that we elect to have a fetal reduction. What's that you ask?! Oh, it's a procedure in which a specialized doctor terminates one of the fetuses."

Avocado to the (hair) Rescue!

Self-care doesn’t always have to mean an expensive trip to a salon. Sometimes good old leftovers and a little strategic time management can do the trick. This mom was able to get her glam on, all on her own with this “diy” tip. Many thanks to my friend and my toddlers for cooperating to the max of their capacity.

A Mom, A Wife, A Warrior

It’s okay to lean on your children when you are weak. I think they’re stronger and more resilient than we give them credit for. I include them in most decisions. It makes them feel in control and an important part of the family.