A Mother Lost and Found

These days, social media makes motherhood look like the glamour pages of fashion magazines. Bodies are fitter, hair is shinier, lips are plumper and everyone seems to have a boat, a diamond and copious amounts of organic, hemp, hand woven, beach bleached kids clothing. How can the average mum keep up with this?

2018: The Year I Lost My Mother

One night at bedtime, several months after her passing, my five-year-old son seemed to finally come to the realization that his granny was gone forever. He sobbed softly into my arm for several minutes before finally drifting to sleep. My heart shattered all over again.

Am I Really Made for Motherhood?

“Accepting myself - the good, the bad, all of it…Maybe that’s the first step toward becoming “successful” as a mom? By acknowledging my faults, celebrating my strengths, recognizing that I wasn’t born to be a mom, but that I can become one not only physically, but psychologically, spiritually, maybe that’s the key here?”

Sweet Baby Boy, Man in the Making

I look at my son, in all his innocence and childish naivete, unafraid to play house and family with his sister, or heck, even allow his sister to dress him in her princess costumes when she is lacking a playmate. Even as I hope he fits society's mold, I wonder how much longer will he be free to be candid about his feelings and thoughts.

Striking a Balance

In reality, you need to determine how much you’re willing to give on each side in order to strike your personal balance. What works for someone else is not going to work for you. We all have different family structures, different schedules, different expenses…different everything!