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She Dreamed, She Believed, She Achieved

As mothers, we inherently spend a lot of time taking care of others  and making sure their wants and needs are addressed. We do it because we love them and want what is best for them and ultimately that gives us joy. However, to be strong for them, we also must be strong for ourselves.

A Miracle in her Living Room

Through it all, faith and prayers keep me going. Faith to know God is with me. And lots of prayer. From colds which cause uncommon havoc in a special needs child to allergies or even a runny nose. In the midst of all these trials, I bathe my son in prayer. 

The Parental Chaos "Momager"

Parenting styles come in all shapes and sizes, no one has it all together. Stop worrying about being the perfect parent and focus on owning your parenting style. That’s all this thing is, owning your style and being present with your children.

15 years later, a double blessing

"I was unsure about how the large age gap between our teenage son and our newborns would fare. But every time I look at them together, it serves as a reminder that you never know what will happen in your life.  Watching my son play with his baby sisters gives me an overwhelming feeling of happiness."

Triple the Blessings, Triple the Love

"We had only a split second to revel in the magnitude of a triplet conception, before we were told about the risks. It was even strongly recommended that we elect to have a fetal reduction. What's that you ask?! Oh, it's a procedure in which a specialized doctor terminates one of the fetuses."

A Mom, A Wife, A Warrior

It’s okay to lean on your children when you are weak. I think they’re stronger and more resilient than we give them credit for. I include them in most decisions. It makes them feel in control and an important part of the family.

We Call her Cinco Mom

With my 5th child I hid my pregnancy from everyone with very few exceptions. Most of our friends and extended family found out on the day I gave birth. The anxiety over what other people would think or say was consuming to say the least.