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When the Nights are Long

Your head is pounding as if someone hit you over the head with a box of diapers. Doesn’t your baby know you need to go to work in a few hours and need to be semi-functional? All you want to do is curl up in your bed, bury your head in the covers and stay there for a good 12 hours…

Empowering your Struggling Child

Nowadays, children spend large portions of their days in car-seats, carriages, jump-aroos, bouncers and playpens. Some kids may have started off in the NICU and their bodies and sensory systems have been impacted in a way that affects their development and the way their body moves.

On the Day of Your Baby Shower

"There is perfection in imperfection. Inevitably, everything will not go as planned. But someday really soon, maybe even as soon as tomorrow, you will laugh about all the things that went wrong and they will make the day all the more memorable."

Aaachoo! Everything You Need to Know About the Flu!

It’s that dreaded time of year again. Snotty noses, fevers, body aches and sleepless nights abound. It’s flu season! Are you prepared? Dr. Gary Kramer and Dr. Rebecca Kimsey of Pediatric Specialists, Coral Gables are sharing their insights on flu prevention, when to visit the pediatrician and the difference between cold and flu!

How to Pick the Perfect Preschool

Once the tour was over, I told her I would be in touch and got back in to my car. Although I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for yet, I knew this school wasn’t it. The Director had a dull look in her eyes. She seemed tired, burnt-out even, as though she should have retired some years ago, but kept going for the paycheck.

How Multitasking is Ruining Motherhood

We try to live up to these unrealistic standards, often imposed by ourselves because we care too much about what others think of us! We have our hands in so many different things at the same time, we’re not present in any of them! So how do we fix it and find more time to present with our kids and enjoy our lifestyle?

When One Becomes Two

Salty tears dripped off my face and onto my newborn as she nursed in my arms. I had prepared as much as I could to be a mother of 2. I thought I had it mostly figured out. I knew it was going to be difficult, especially in the beginning.


With the dreaded Enterovirus D68 making its presence in my state, my NICU mommy, post traumatic, germ-o-phobia is rearing its ugly head. Between Entero, Ebola and Chikungunya cases filling my newsfeed and dominating the media, I am all but ready to purchase a bubble for the three of us. 

Date Night In!

Since bringing our baby home almost a year ago, the hubs and I have not had a single date night. Sure we have gone to an early dinner here or there with baby in tow, but it's not the same.

Picky Eater Pointers

When it was time to feed him, I excitedly took out the “yummy” food I had prepared in the morning. I was sure he would eat it this time! I lifted the colorful spoon to his little mouth and… he whacked it away with his hand! Freshly pureed fruit and veggies went flying across the room. His mouth remained clenched and I was exasperated.

Recognizing Preeclampsia

I had no idea I had preeclampsia. My pregnancy had already been so difficult that I missed some symptoms and totally ignored the others. It was fate and God that saved my son and I from the dangers of this life threatening condition.