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Getting to the Green Side...

I put down my pen over a year ago and couldn’t pick it up again until recently. Writing would mean thinking about and processing my emotions and for a while it was just too tough. It has been a difficult year and I have found my resilience is not what it used to be. But somehow here I am, getting to the green side of the grass, healing and making it through the throes of motherhood.

The Perfect Saturday Morning!

I have to shout this one from the rooftops as i’m not sure if this anomaly will ever happen again! We just had the perfect Saturday morning! It was the kind of Saturday morning that little girls dream of when they think of what their families will be like one day.

Blown Away

The other day I experienced the phenomenon known as a “blow out” for the first time. While it sounds like something you might ask for at a hair salon, I assure you this was much less pleasant.

"Happy Ending" Envy

It is a heart wrenching thing to leave the hospital without your baby. After a 9 day stay in the hospital, it was time to go home. But my baby was staying behind. At just 2.5lbs and attached to a multitude of wires and cables, he would remain in the NICU for a long time to come.

Doctor Office Blues

Not many parents take their kid to the doctor as much as I do. In addition to the regular pediatrician well visits, we see a cardiologist, gastroenterologist and pulmonologist almost every month. That means an appointment almost every week.