Resolutions to Results

Resolutions to Results

At the beginning of every new year we make resolutions. Mostly these are like wishes written on hot air balloons and released into the sky, with the hope that results will be sprinkled down upon us at some point before the year ends. I am super guilty of this as well. My resolutions usually look something like this:

·       Take better care of myself

·       Give more to charity

·       Eat healthier

Do those look familiar to you?

This year I’m turning my airy, fairy resolutions into actionable goals. Many years ago, in my teacher training, I learned that goals should be challenging yet attainable, attached to a reasonable timeline, measurable and followed by objectives that outline the steps you’re going to take to achieve the goal.

So, this year my resolutions look more like this:

·       In 2017 I will lose 5 pounds and maintain my new weight by:

o   Participating in a 21 day detox program at the start of the year

o   3 workouts a week

·       Reconnect with at least 10 old friends by December 2017

o   Make a list of friends I have lost touch with by end of January

o   Reach out to friends on list

o   Schedule time to meet up with at least one friend every month

·       Participate in 4 charitable events by December 2017

o   Make a budget for charitable giving 

o   Identify and make a list of charities I want to donate to or get involved in

o   Visit websites to register and plan for event participation

I feel confident that this is a much better way to write resolutions. While it doesn’t guarantee results, it’s something that I can refer to that reminds me exactly what I can do to achieve the results I want in 2017. How do your resolutions look? Try giving them some depth for a better result!

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