On the Day of Your Baby Shower

On the Day of Your Baby Shower

Today, a few states away, a treasured friend of mine will celebrate her baby shower. She’s about to embark on her motherhood journey and I feel a little bit of emptiness in my stomach when I think about not being there to celebrate with her. I know at this moment she might be fretting and fussing about all the details that tend to consume us with these events. We want all the little details to be “Pinterest perfect” from the decorations to the favors and guest list. When it comes down to it, the shower may seem to be more drama than it’s worth. It’s easy to lose sight of the most important themes and concepts of the special day.

So today as my dear friend prepares to welcome her new baby with this milestone event, I want her and all moms-to-be celebrating a baby shower, to know a few things that I have learned, because of course, there is nothing like hindsight!

·       There is perfection in imperfection. Inevitably, everything will not go as planned. But someday really soon, maybe even as soon as tomorrow, you will laugh about all the things that went wrong and they will make the day all the more memorable.

·       The most important thing about today is that you will be surrounded by friends and family who love and support you as you join the most important club you will ever be a part of.

·       Be positive and find the good in every moment. Sometimes we attend showers and we're amazed at how they appear to go off without a hitch. I guarantee you, they are all just as imperfect. Some unsuspecting young woman will sit in your shower today and marvel at how perfect it all is, without knowing all the little behind the scenes hiccups, just like we all have done a thousand times. Be grateful for it all.

·       Soak in this party girl, and enjoy it to the very fullest. In many ways this is a last hurrah. For some time to come, you may not attend parties and when you do, you will have a sidekick, whose needs will always be more important than your own. When you do go out on your own, you will feel guilty for leaving her behind and worry about her more than you enjoy yourself. Although this may all sound a bit depressing, it’s really not. It’s just a new season of life, a rite of passage and an honor, bestowed on you by God himself. So, before your next phase begins, revel in the grand finale of this one!

·       Take a good look around today and take notice. Notice the people who are there and have been there, loving and supporting you through all of life’s trials and triumphs. Whether they are mothers or not, lean on them. Motherhood comes with great highs and many moments of weakness. They will be your pillars...if you open up and just ask for help. Tell them what you need and all the ways they can be there for you.

Although I won’t be there in person, I’ll be with you in spirit. I can guarantee you that you are deeply loved. Your friends near and far are so very happy for you. They are cheering you on so hard and praying for you, even though you might not know it.

Today my friend I am lifting you and all new moms, all the way up! I wish you all the blessings, angels, strength and grace you will need for the greatest adventure ever!

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