5 storm prep tips that you may be overlooking

5 storm prep tips that you may be overlooking

There's no doubt about it, hurricane season 2017 is here and it seems determined to leave its mark. As we all still grieve with those in Texas over lost lives, lost homes and displaced families, another storm is heading to our shores. Just a little while ago, I left the supermarket, where in frenzied preparation for Hurricane Irma, people were losing themselves over the last few cases of water and supplies. While the natural instinct may be to panic and go into "hunger games" mode, it's important to remember that chaos and panic doesn't solve anything. Community and preparation are key in getting through a tough time like this regardless of whether it actually hits or not. Be kind and considerate of your neighbors and prepare with urgency and a peaceful spirit.

In the hustle to get water, batteries, flashlights and put up shutters, you may be forgetting some really important elements of storm preparation that could save a lot of stress and heart ache later on, in the event that the storm hits and causes damage to your home. Here are some tips that you may be overlooking. Work together as a family to get these done over the next 2 days!

1) Make sure you have all the medicine you and your family members need.


If you or any of your family members are on prescription medications, make sure you have enough supply to get through a few weeks. Today would be the day to call your doctor and request a refill if needed. Medical bracelets for children and elderly with specific conditions may also be helpful in the event of an emergency.

2) Secure sentimental items.


If your wedding photos, baby photos and mementos mean a lot to you, secure them in plastic bags and place them in large plastic containers to mitigate water damage. if it's practical, pack the most important ones away in your emergency bag, so you can have it with you in case you have to leave suddenly.

3) Pack an emergency bag.


Put together an emergency "grab and go" bag in the event that you need to leave quickly. Include important documents like identification and insurance paper work, secured in zip-lock bags. Don't forget to include your medications and essential supplies, such tampons, pads, diapers and extra clothes for yourself and your kids.

4. Communicate your plan.


Make a Plan A and a Plan B, and be sure to communicate these plans with all of your extended family so that everyone knows where they might be able to locate you after the storm. Not knowing where your family members are or if they are okay is extremely stressful. It cannot be avoided in some cases, but make it as easy as possible by being proactive.

5. Scan all important documents.


Make things a little easier on yourself by scanning all of your important documents in advance and emailing them to yourself. That way you will have access to them no matter where you are. Identification, passport info and insurance documents are all important.

These suggestions may help to alleviate stress and heart ache if you find yourself in distress after the storm. Don't wait too late, start getting them done today! If you have older kids, let them help you with age appropriate tasks, so the whole family could work as a team! 

We're praying that everyone stays safe as we move through Irma and the 2017 hurricane season.

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