Date Night In!

Date Night In!

Since bringing our baby home almost a year ago, the hubs and I have not had a single date night. Sure we have gone to an early dinner here or there with baby in tow, but it's not the same. You see, going out to dinner with a baby is not all that fun. I spend half of the time praying that the baby doesn't have a meltdown and ruin other diners' experience and  the other half embarrassed about the treasure trove of cheerios, fallen bread and crumbs that are under my chair. I haven't been able to bring myself to hire a babysitter and family is just a little too far away. We really miss nights at the movies and dining at our favorite restaurants, but hey life goes on. Since i'm not sure when we'll be able to go a real date night out, I decided to brainstorm some fun ideas for in house date nights!

1) A walk down memory lane.

Life has sure changed a lot since having a baby, it might not be a bad idea to reconnect and remember the early days of new love. Bring out a bottle of wine and pull out the old photos of your first few months of dating. Better yet, watch your wedding video and dance to "your song." If your significant other is smart, he might even bring home your favorite flowers to make it extra special (are you reading this hubby?).

2) Couples massage. 

No, you don't need to go to a fancy spa to get a couples massage. Light some aroma therapy candles, put on your favorite relaxing music, dim the lights and take turns giving each other a well deserved, stress relieving massage. Not too confident in your massage giving skills? There's a YouTube video for everything! I'm sure you can find a quick and easy tutorial to boost your skills a notch.

3) Bake a decadent dessert together. 

Just have some fun in the kitchen baking something yummy. If you're good, try something fancy like molten lava chocolate cake or creme brulee! If you're anything like me, stick to cookies, brownies or something simple. The point is to have fun doing something that you can both enjoy after.

4) Traditional candle light dinner. 

Order take out from your favorite restaurant to avoid the stress of cooking. Dress up, light some candles and even put on a table cloth. A little bit of effort can go a long way in making it a special night!

5) Play a video game.

Yes, I know this one sounds a little questionable ladies. But sometimes it's fun to let go and just be a little juvenile. It doesn't have to be a violent killing game. If you have a gaming console like an Xbox Kinect, try a dance game! That way you'll get moving and have fun. Or try an old school game like Mario Brothers to relive your younger days!

6) Good old movie night.

This is definitely a favorite for this tired mama! Nothing beats a movie, popcorn and some good snuggles on the sofa, especially after a long week! Maybe spice it up by making or ordering a dinner that matches the theme of your movie!

7) Wine tasting double date. 

Invite another couple to come over after the baby's bedtime. Each person can choose a bottle of wine so you have a few different ones to taste. Pair the wines with some exotic cheese and grapes on the side. Boom! Classy double date right in your casa!

Make sure to put away your electronics during your date night to avoid distractions and really give your partner the attention they deserve. Do leave the baby monitor on though (that's kind of important)! You may be interrupted by the baby waking a few times, but that's okay. Just let go and enjoy the night! Happy Friday Everyone!



As Long as it's Healthy...

As Long as it's Healthy...