Moms, bring your sexy back!

Moms, bring your sexy back!

A woman becomes a mother from one instant to the next and her whole world changes. Suddenly she sees the world and her role in it from a completely different perspective. From that moment on she is forever changed and every aspect of her life is affected. 

One aspect (among many) that truly suffers, is a new mother's sex life. Learning to accept and love her postpartum body image along with heightened emotions, hormonal fluctuations and sheer mental and physical exhaustion, causes many new moms to turn away from sex and intimacy with their partner. This lack of intimacy causes a drift between many couples and relationship issues that are sometimes irreparable. 

As a mom of 2 toddlers, I also went through a period of struggle with body image and anxiety. Although it has improved over time, it's still a work in progress in my life. It's hard to let go and have fun like you used to pre-motherhood, when you're harboring insecurities about your body and worries about your little ones that seem to hold your mind hostage constantly! 

A healthy and enjoyable sex life and intimacy, is an integral part of a mother's wellness and the wellness of her relationship with her partner. Many women and couples struggle with this, even the ones smiling and looking 100% in love in all of their Facebook and Instagram photos! 

As part of my mommy wellness mission I have been doing sessions with Michelle Alva (creator of "The Alva Method of Empowerment") an amazing women's physical therapist (postpartum/pelvic floor too!) and intuitive body-soul connector. Her E3 breathing and self relaxation techniques have been helping me to release my body and mind from the bonds of anxiety that have been preventing me from enjoying life. 

One of my resolutions this year was to be more solution oriented and take actions to improve my life instead of just wallowing in the issues and allowing them to grow larger and larger. Connecting with Michelle has been one of those actions and I'm so glad I did! 

This month Michelle, a mother herself, is offering a special tele class for women from the comfort of their home, bedroom actually! The goal of the class is to educate and empower moms and women to deepen their own sensual/sexual body awareness and learn how to move those muscles that sometimes we don’t understand or get weak after birth. Her tele class will also teach women how to release and process the emotional and physical weight of stress and rediscover and appreciate their femininity and sensuality, to become more intuitive and body connected! 

The class is called "Begin Within: Experience Deeper Intimacy and Sensual Body Connection." She is extending a very special offer of ONLY $97 (Regular Cost $497) to my followers for her program! An amazing deal! Check it out and use the special code "ready." Get details at Each class includes also a video, Facebook group, community and recording of the class in case you can’t attend live.

Participation is 100% anonymous! So no need to be embarrased or afraid!

YOUR 4 Week Tele Class INCLUDES:

Meet 4 Tuesdays at 9pm EASTERN TIME on a Live Empowerment Call and Receive A Weekly Video Lesson. Share Your Revelations, Ask Questions and Get Support On The "BEGIN WITHIN" FaceBook Group

  • WEEK 1 June 6 Embodiment Session: Feel Safe, Supported and Surrendered
    Do I Feel Safe In My Body? How To Feel Safe, Trustworthy and Surrender To Deeper Intimacy and Body Connection.
  • WEEK 2 June 13 Sensual Connection Session: Get In Touch With Your 5 Major Senses
    Am I Disconnected From My Body? How To Get Out Of Your Head and Into Your Sensual Body For Deeper Presence, Pleasure and Connection.
  • WEEK 3 June 20 Reclaim Your Sensual Pelvic Power Session: 3 Ways To Uplift Yourself
    Do I Know How To Uplift Myself with My Pelvic Floor? Strengthen Your Connection to Your Core and Sexual Body Anatomy.
  • WEEK 4 June 27 Intro To Healing At The Speed Of Light Session
    Do You Need To Release and Heal Hurts From Past Relationships? Feel Lighter In Your Body with Introduction To Healing At The Speed Of Light.
  • Week 5 BONUS Session Monday July 3 Let's Talk About Sex: The Art and Science Of Pleasure
  • Bonus Audio: Clear and Balance Empowerment Lesson
    Do You Feel Blocked or Stuck Physically or Emotionally? How To Balance and Clear Your Body, Emotions and Chakras
  • Bonus Audio: Empower Yourself with Forgiveness
    How To Embody Forgiveness.

Learn more about Michelle’s one-on-one and long distance Empowerment Sessions and Physical Therapy services at 

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