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15 years later, a double blessing

"I was unsure about how the large age gap between our teenage son and our newborns would fare. But every time I look at them together, it serves as a reminder that you never know what will happen in your life.  Watching my son play with his baby sisters gives me an overwhelming feeling of happiness."

When One Becomes Two

Salty tears dripped off my face and onto my newborn as she nursed in my arms. I had prepared as much as I could to be a mother of 2. I thought I had it mostly figured out. I knew it was going to be difficult, especially in the beginning.

Today I Fell Apart...

Today I fell apart. After several months of “holding it together” I was reduced to a weeping, mess of tears as I held my sweet, sleeping 19 month old son in my arms. As he rested comfortably against my chest, a deep sadness came over me. Next week begins another period of trial for our family. It seems like we are about to relive some of the worst nightmares of our past.