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Triple the Blessings, Triple the Love

"We had only a split second to revel in the magnitude of a triplet conception, before we were told about the risks. It was even strongly recommended that we elect to have a fetal reduction. What's that you ask?! Oh, it's a procedure in which a specialized doctor terminates one of the fetuses."

A Mom, A Wife, A Warrior

It’s okay to lean on your children when you are weak. I think they’re stronger and more resilient than we give them credit for. I include them in most decisions. It makes them feel in control and an important part of the family.

We Call her Cinco Mom

With my 5th child I hid my pregnancy from everyone with very few exceptions. Most of our friends and extended family found out on the day I gave birth. The anxiety over what other people would think or say was consuming to say the least.