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Getting to the Green Side...

I put down my pen over a year ago and couldn’t pick it up again until recently. Writing would mean thinking about and processing my emotions and for a while it was just too tough. It has been a difficult year and I have found my resilience is not what it used to be. But somehow here I am, getting to the green side of the grass, healing and making it through the throes of motherhood.

Today I Fell Apart...

Today I fell apart. After several months of “holding it together” I was reduced to a weeping, mess of tears as I held my sweet, sleeping 19 month old son in my arms. As he rested comfortably against my chest, a deep sadness came over me. Next week begins another period of trial for our family. It seems like we are about to relive some of the worst nightmares of our past.

A Broken Heart Heals Fast

This was it. They unplugged my baby from all of the wires he had been connected to for months and put him in my arms. A part of me wanted to just clutch him tightly and run right out of there. I wished that I could just take him home, but we weren’t there yet. He needed open heart surgery.