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Top 5 Summer Snacks

By now your kids have been home for at least a week. Is it just me or are they ALWAYS HUNGRY?! In case you're running out of snack ideas, I've made a list of my favorite summer snacks to keep your kids satisfied, happy and healthy!

15 years later, a double blessing

"I was unsure about how the large age gap between our teenage son and our newborns would fare. But every time I look at them together, it serves as a reminder that you never know what will happen in your life.  Watching my son play with his baby sisters gives me an overwhelming feeling of happiness."

A Letter to New Dads from New Moms

Dear New Dad,

I love you. I love the way our baby’s face lights up when you come home from work. I love the giggles that fill our house when you two play together. But I want you to know that this mom thing is harder than I ever thought and sometimes I need your help with a few things.