Replace Excuses with Reasons Why

Replace Excuses with Reasons Why

On any given day, I can find a hundred valid excuses why I can’t work out. I have scheduled workout sessions twice a week and almost every time, I sit thinking about all the reasons why I shouldn’t go to class.

It’s tempting to send a text and say hey, can’t make it today…. (insert very valid sounding excuse here). It’s hard to choose yourself, especially when there are so many things that must be done. But the truth is that there will always be things that need to get done, whether you miss your workout or not. Someone will always be sick, dinner always needs to be made, the house is always a mess, the laundry will most definitely be piling up again and I almost never get enough sleep.

But instead of focusing on all the reasons why I shouldn’t work out, I’ve started focusing on all the reasons why I should!

·       I’ll feel more energized

·       A little me time will give me the extra patience I need to manage the kids

·       It’s one more step to shedding to those extra pounds

·       I can burn the calories from all this holiday eating

·       Fresh air feels amazing

·       I feel sexier when I work out

·       I’ll be a great example for my kids

·       I’ll be in a better mood after

·       I’ll feel better about myself

·       My body needs strength to manage the demands of motherhood

So, the weather may be bad, and little one may have a cough once again, my favorite workout clothes may be in the laundry and I just may not feel like it. But ultimately, I know that if I go I’ll feel so much better about it all.

Stop making excuses and put on your old, too tight gym clothes and get out there. Even a 15 minute walk or run can do wonders for your mental and physical health! Take your little one in a stroller if you have too! Fresh air is good for them too!

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